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       Completed Projects
Storage Tanks / Pressure Vessels Projects
S. No   Clients   Description
Pakistan Refinery Ltd.
 Construction, Testing and Commissioning of new Floating Roof, Crude Oil 
 Storage Tank – 33 (160 ft. Dia. x 48 ft. height) at Korangi Creek, Karachi.
Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL)
 Design & Fabrication of LPG Storage Tanks with Capacity 113 MT, Qty 02
Lakhara Power Generation Company Ltd
 Replacement  of 382 Nos.of In Bed Generation Tubes for Boiler No. 1,2,3
 @ 150 MW FBC Power Station Lakhara.
UNICOL Limited / Mirpurkhas Sugar Mill
 Civil & Steel Structural Work of Distillery & Bio Gas Plant at Mirpur Khas.
National Gas Private Ltd.
 Design, Supply, Fabrication of LPG Storage Tank -50 MT at Karachi.
Pakistan Power Resources, LLC
 Erection and Installation work of 136 MW Bhikki Gas Turbine Power Plant 
 Project, B-424.
Attock Refinery Ltd.
 Construction, Testing and Commissioning of new Asphalt Storage Tank–328
 (80 ft. Dia. x 40 ft. height) for Attock Refinery Limited, Morgah, Rawalpindi.
Attock Refinery Ltd.
 Construction, Testing and Commissioning of two JBO Storage Tanks - 330, 
 331 (25 ft. Dia. x 14.8 ft. height) for Attock Refinery  Limited, Rawalpindi.
The Hanover Company, USA.
 Cryogenic LPG Recovery Plant Jamshoro, complete Erection  /  Installation
 and Commissioning, at Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL).
 Mechanical Installation and Testing of Piping Works at (JJVL.).  LPG Storage
 vessel  (Bullet Type: 100 MT Capacity, 3810 mm Dia.)  at  Jamshoro  Joint
 Venture Limited, (JJVL).
Sind Gas, Jamshoro
 Complete Design, Fabrication, Testing, Painting and Commissioning of 50 MT
 LPG Vessel (Dia. 2.65M, Length 17.5 M).
Bosicor Pakistan Limited

Main Contractor:
Synergy Pakistan

 Construction of Nine Storage Tanks (Dia. 30.48 M x 14.63M, 2 Floating Roofs
 and 7 Fixed Roofs Tanks )  with  all  Civil,  Fabrication,  Erection  and  Testing
 activities at BPL Refinery, HUB.
National Refinery Limited.
  Dismantling and Construction / Testing of Fixed Roof Fire Water Storage Tank
 155-S-03 (100 FT. Dia x 42 FT Height) at Keamari Terminal, Karachi.                          
 100’  x 42’ Height Fixed roof Old fire water  storage tank,  Tank 155-S-03  at
  Keamari Terminal.
ENAR Petrotech Services
 Construction of Semi Buried Storage Tanks and Associated  Piping Works  for 
 Condensate Processing Refinery at Korangi Karachi.
14. Pakistan Refinery Limited
 Renovation Of 120 Ft. Dia. x 48 Ft. Height Fixed Roof Crude Oil Storage Tank
 No. 52 at  Keamari Terminal, Karachi.
 Construction of Tank 62, (52 ft dia x 48 ft Height) at Keamari.
 Construction of 80 ft. Dia x 48 ft Height Storage Tank at PRL, Keamari .
 Foam Concentrate Distribution System at PRL, Keamari .

Main Contractor:
Techno / Inter Globe

 Fabrication, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 04 Nos. HSD Tanks  
 (ø 55.4m x Ht.14.6m), Fire Water Tank (ø 18m x Ht.14.6m)  and Slop Tank
 at Bin Qasim Karachi. (White Oil Pipeline Project).
16. HUBCO / International Power, UK
 Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Fire Fighting Water Tank Facility
 at Hub Power Station.
17. ENGRO Chemical Pakistan Ltd.
 Environment improvement project.
18. ENGRO Vopak Terminal Limited
 Construction of 4000 M3 MEG storage tank construction.
19. LASMO Oil Pakistan Limited
 Supply & Fabrication of 20,000 LTRS. Capacity Diesel Tank (Horizontal) SKID
 Mounted, Internal Partition, Cylindrical Complete with Calibration & STD.
20. National Refinery Limited
 Supply of Material & Construction of 02 Nos. 140’  Ft. Dia. Floating Roof Naphtha
 Storage Tanks at Keamari Terminal (including Civil, Elect. & Instrumentation Jobs)
 Two Nos. Naphtha Storage Tanks (S-514 & S-515) 
 Renovation of 140 ft Dia x 42 ft Height Floating Roof Storage Tank 83-S-3 at
 Construction of 100’ Dia. Fire Water Tank at Keamari Terminal (155-S-03) at
 Keamari Terminal.
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